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Very important handyman. Welders join or sever metals in beams, girders, vessels, piping and other metal components, make metal parts used in construction and manufacturing plants, and weld parts, tools, machines and equipment.

Welding usually involves applying heat to metal pieces to melt and fuse them together. In electric arc welding, heat is created as an electric current flows through an arc between the tip of the welding electrode and the metal.

Welders use different welding processes and fillers depending upon the type of metal, its size and shape, and requirements for finished product strength. For a typical welding project, they:

Develop patterns for projects or follow directions given in layouts, blueprints and work orders, clean, check for defects and shape component parts, sometimes using a cutting torch, and weld parts together.
Welders may also build up worn parts by welding layers of high-strength hard-metal alloys onto them.

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