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Scrap Sales

with time ,need & excitement we purchase lot many things for the usage of that particular purpose and when the purpose is over the item you bought with great taste spending valuable time of yours is suddenly seems to be junk,waste and place occupying scrap.

You don’t want sell them because some sweet memories are attached with it but talking practical for how much time you can hold generation comes it brings its own taste and old & outdated has to find out a place.

According to “vaastu” and “feng Shui’ useless items if kept at home brings misfortune or creates obstacles in bringing fortunes.

Buying product online is easy, getting rid of them when it becomes useless & old is not. We provide the service for the same. " but we buy old products junk material. we clean your house, your apartment, your city. Our concern is to take care of your concern.

Scrap sales is doorstep free service. We provide the service to collect junk/scrap material fom your location. We made selling so much fun, sell your scrap & earn money

Our dedicated team work on your request and deliver you the best service and solution for your request

Material Name Rate Price per
Books Rs 7.00 Kg
Soft Plastic Rs 15.00 Kg
Hard Plastic Rs 2.00 Kg
Mix Plastic Rs 5.00 Kg
Iron Rs 12.00 Kg
Milk Covers Rs 8.00 Kg
Carton Rs 8.00 Kg
Magazines Rs 7.00 Kg
Tin Rs 10.00 Kg
White Papers Rs 9.50 Kg
Steel Rs 28.00 Kg
Brass Rs 195.00 Kg
Water/Oil Covers Rs 15.00 Kg
Copper Rs 260.00 Kg
Mix-Waste Rs 5.00 Kg
Others Rs 0.00 Kg
Newspaper Rs 9.00 Kg
Polythene(Mix) Rs 5.00 Kg
E-waste Rs 15.00 Kg
Aluminium Rs 80.00 Kg
Beer Bottles Rs 0.50 Piece
Plastic Jar (15ltr) Rs 15.00 Piece

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