About us

Have you ever experienced trouble in finding a Technician? Electrician, Plumber or Carpenter etc., a very unorganised sector- Challenge is to fix small problems maybe- which when unattended can create bigger problems.

"A Stich in time saves nine"

When the world is going jet-speed on the internet and smart phones, why this sector should not? Metrofixers came into existence to save Energy & Efforts, bringing technically sound trained professional people under one roof saving Your valuable time at a very reasonable price so whatever time you save can be used for your loved ones.

Metrofixers is Hyderabad's own Home Services Company. We provide Professional Services which Otherwise are very unorganised but play a very important role in our lives.

The Blue Collared Servicemen are very rare to find, the urban living has undergone so many changes that Hyderabad is no more city of Nawabs.In order to cope up with the standard of living, children's education, competition to be no 1 Husband & wives are working, nobody stays at home, time has suddenly become very precious but at the same time small jobs if not set on time create a chain of other problems like irritation, unscheduled timings & stressful life.

Some of us even try the formula of DIY, Do it Yourself, But it needs enough knowledge about the problem, Many a times we land in a bigger issue & get hurt or shocked.. Don't you think this is costing your valuable Money, Time & importantly your health. Please delegate your problems to Service Professionals... Metrofixers hai na...